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Online Marketing & Analysis

The online business world is already congested with so many businesses that getting your business noticed is becoming impossible without a social media buzz. Before and after your project is ready for launch, we use our expertise to conduct extensive online research and analysis on the best possible ways to market and increase your product's visibility online through search engine optimization, submission to search engines and online directories,
social media marketing and more.

We will not only develop your product. We will work harder to deliver it to your target customers and also ensure they use it.

Whether you just want to Validate your Mobile or Web App. an idea, attract the attention of your target market and raise funds,
Cosesano will be there to support you all the way.

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Our Expertise

We have expert knowledge in the following and more.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Design and structure your website content in such a way that search engine crawlers can easily crawl and log them. This will improve your web site's content visibility on the Internet and search websites making it easy for people to discover your business online.

social media campaign

Social Media Campaign And Listing

Submit your website and app to popular blog/forums, websites and social networking platforms to keep increasing the number of people that visit your website or download your app.


Research And Analysis

Carry out an extensive research in the field that your website or app is in. And also integrate and collect analytics data on how people use your website or app. The data gathered from the research and analysis will influence the development or improve your website/app.

Our Process

From Start to Finish, our process is simple and hassle free

  • Research & Analysis Report #1

    Identify and analyze existing similar Apps. Which includes; Market Research, User Analysis, Competition Analysis And more.

    Checkout some reports from our past project:

  • Cartoon Animated explainer video #2

    Capture the attention of your target users with a 60 seconds, colored cartoon animated explainer video to enlighten them about your product. Included in package are: 60 seconds long, 2D professional video synchronized with a voiceover(male/female), Storyboard Full HD 1920x1080 video, Delivered in mp4, Avi and more.

    Check out some videos from our past projects:

  • Product’s UI/UX Mockups Screen #3

    Up to 4 beautiful UI/UX screen mockup designs illustrating your product’s final look and feel( UI/UX). The mockups will be mainly showcasing the product’s most valuable benefits to a target user.

  • Product’s Website/Landing Page #4

    A professional and detailed website/landing page giving more information about the product and urging users to sign up to the newsletter to indicate interest in using the product once ready.

    Check out some example from our past projects:

  • Online Publication & Press Release #5

    Increase project awareness by submitting website and the survey questionnaire to relevant forums, blogs and social media platforms (Betalist, Betabound, Reddit, Facebook and more), and also a Press Release to relative news platforms.

  • Contact List Building #6

    Build up to 5,000+ targeted contact leads (name, email, contact number and more) of the targeted users and market segment. The leads will be used for your product’s email campaign and telemarketing (if relevant)

  • CEmail & Survey Campaign #7

    We will design a survey questionnaire of up to ten questions to gather research data from users who signed up to the newsletter. We will also do an email campaign to up to 5,000+ email leads with tracking and campaign follow-ups. The campaign report will include the following information;: 1. Delivery Rate, 2. Open rate, 3. Click Rate, 4. Bounce Rate, 4. Unsubscribe Rate

  • The Final Chapter #8

    Once we start getting some results from the campaign, what to do next with the result is entirely up to you. You can decide to straight seek for investment to develop the product further or you could decide to develop a prototype for the product to give you a better position when seeking investment.

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