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Website Design & Dev.

Using our website development expertise, we deliver a professional and beautiful website/webapp for our clients, whether it is to showcase and sell different products and services online or maximize revenue or a bespoke enterprise web application to maximize their business efforts and potentials.

We deliver elegant and engaging UI/UX design, backed up by a powerful back-end algorithm using the latest Web 2.0 technology to ensure your business/project achieves its maximum potentials on the web. Most importantly, we deliver on budget and time.

Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT, XML, PHP, MYSQL, REST, CMS (Wordpress & Drupal) and more...

html5 css javascript php mysql wordpress

Our Expertise

We have expert knowledge in integrating the following features and more.

Polished And Sleek Design

Polished And Sleek Design

Professional and elegant custom UI/UX design, may also include fancy color theme, animations, transitions and more.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

This will give you the ability to edit significant and specific sections of your website without hiring a developer.

Usage Analytics

Usage Analytics

Track how users discovered your website and how they use it. Data gathered will be used for future update and marketing improvement. We recommend Google Analytics/Fire-base.

Product Management

Product Management

Ability to manage data; such as product/services listing, stock/inventory management, or whatever relevant to your website requirement .

Multivendor/User Marketplace

Multi-vendor/User Marketplace

Users will have the ability to list and sell their products or services to other users and you charge them a few percentages of their sales.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Users will have the ability to browse through several products and add them to a shopping cart or favorites, like Amazon.

Third Party API Integration

Third Party API Integration

Connect to several third party API services, such as; data feeds or a specific service from a third party you need to integrate with.

API For Your Website

API For Your Website

Develop API for other third party to integrate with your website. Give other developers the ability to communicate and interact with your web app directly.


And More...

We can develop and integrate custom features on demand.

Our Process

From Start to Finish, our process is simple and hassle free

  • Kickstart A Project With Us #1

    This is when you get in contact with us to discuss your project with us and we collect some necessary information about your project from you

  • Proposal Signing & Project Initiation #2

    With the information you provided about your project, we will prepare a proposal stating; the web app features, different milestones delivery date and how much you are expected to pay for each milestone. Once you sign the proposal and deposit the initial required payment (about 5% of total cost), your project will be initiated.

  • Front End UI/UX - First Milestone Delivery #3

    The first milestone to be delivered to you for review and approval is the Frontend of the website. This will be showing the look & feel, color scheme, position of different ui elements and more. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the system we will move to the next stage which is bringing the website alive

  • Backend - Second Milestone Delivery #4

    We will bring your website alive, adding the different features you have requested for. Once you are happy with the functionality, we will now carry out a public beta test to ensure the website is working as intended on targeted users devices

  • Public Test - Third Milestone Delivery #5

    We will run a public test and invite as much targeted users as possible to use the website. This is also a good opportunity to start attracting early adaptors (your initial users) to the website. This test will enable us ensure the system is running perfectly before deployment/distribution to world.

  • Deployment/Distribution - Final Milestone Delivery #6

    This is the final stage of the project, when we will publish your website online, making it accessible to everyone on the internet (except for enterprise & internal web apps.).

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